Thursday, December 24, 2009

Retail Cheer

I have a write a quick post in response to my friend Arizaphale. Her husband, Himself, had a terrible retail experience.

I had quite the opposite. I decided, very belated, to start the whole Christmas pajama tradition this year. When we were out shopping Sunday, I looked and looked for cute pajamas for M to wear tonight. Most places were understandably picked over, but Target did have a few pajama sets (set of 2) of zippered pj's, which just happen to be M's favorite. Unfortunately, they were all marked incorrectly for sizes. H and I were looking at tags and inside labeling to find a set of 5T that would fit M. Finally, H found ONE pair of pajamas hanging alone in the middle of Christmas t-shirts. The tag clearly said set of two and this pair just happened to be the one without the price on it. At the register, I asked the sales girl if she'd sell them to me and explained the situation. She had to call a manager. The manager listened to the explanation and looked over the pjs. I was fully prepared to pay half the price of the set ($15.99, half would be $8), but would not pay more than that. The manager rang them up and said, "I can sell these to you for $2.48."


You bet I grabbed those pajamas and ran out of Target like a madman. I couldn't have bought pajamas cheaper anywhere else! What a bargain!


Kyla said...


Arizaphale said...

Thank the Lord for SOME decent retailers :-D! Can I tell you that Small Boy open ed his replacement 'cheaper' ball with a whoop of delight and has already been playing with it. Would he have enjoyed the expensive one any more? I think not!
A very Merry Christmas to all the Bensons from Christmas afternoon here. I hope M LOVES sleeping in her new PJs and that you enjoy a blessed and peaceful Christmastide together. Glory to God in the Highest and Goodwill to all men.(and women :-D)

Susie said...

love it! we LOVE the cmas pj tradition! so glad you are doing it! what a fun thing to remember! i told joe that one day i want us all to have new pjs on cmas...he said, woudln't that be a lot of pajamas! c'mon now!