Sunday, December 27, 2009


We were not short on entertainment during our visit with my family.

For example, Uncle Zach (or just uncle, for short, if you please) had no problem picking M up and holding her aloft.

And then letting her free fall...
on her bean bag.

We ate some fondue. (That was H's secret suprise electric fondue pot!!!) Saturday evening, we made Deviled Crab and Cheese Fondue. For dessert, Velvety Chocolate Fondue. DELICIOUS!

We are a family that loves the Wii. H got DJ Hero for Christmas. We had a blast competing against each other.

We might or might not have played a hand or two of Texas Hold 'Em.

We were treated to several "puppet" shows by the budding actress of the family.

Occassionally, back ups were called in for the shows. Here, Peanut Butter (the horse), Sophie (the doll), a lion, and Elmo helped pull of a resounding musical that left us all in tears and hurting sides from the laughter.

Oh, yes. There was plenty of entertainment.


Andi said...

What fun!!! I love the joy and togetherness and (healthy) seems that everyone had a part in the merry-making.

Kyla said...

So fun!!!

Arizaphale said...

I LOVE family together time. Himself and his crowd are not much into this and I miss my sisters and their families and the games we play...*sigh* so glad you have all that.
As for DJ does that work??? I have enough trouble with guitar hero which makes me car sick :-D