Friday, January 8, 2010

40 Things about H

A list of
40 Things About H

1. He has the heart of a servant.
2. He loves me even though I’m often unlovable.
3. He introduced me to the world of technology.
4. He’s an amazing dad.
5. He’s so patient.
6. He’s so laid back.
7. He laughs REALLY loud.
8. He drives.
9. He takes me out for Mexican whenever I want it.
10. He eats crunchy rice.
11. He never panics.
12. He does the majority of the grocery shopping.
13. He’s an amazing cook.
14. He’s sort of stubborn.
15. He looks good in blue.
16. He cheers loudly when he watches football.
17. He doesn’t laugh when I take on a new hobby.
18. He usually learns more about my new hobby than I do!
19. He’s never met a stranger.
20. He researches things before he makes a purchase.
21. He fits in with my family.
22. He’s hot. I’m cold.
23. He’s super playful.
24. He loves to go to Barnes and Noble for a coffee.
25. He’ll look at magazines for hours while I look through books.
26. He likes my friends.
27. He LOVES Star Wars.
28. He LOVES the University of Georgia.
29. He doesn’t mind driving my old car.
30. He loves to eat.
31. His favorite type of food is Chinese.
32. He keeps a fully stocked liquor cabinet.
33. He loves to try new things.
34. He is 9 years younger than his older brother.
35. He is 8 years older than me.
36. He loves breakfast for dinner.
37. He can cook anything on the grill and it’s delicious.
38. He snores when he sleeps on the couch.
39. He can sleep sitting up in a chair.
40. Today is his birthday and he is FORTY years old!

Happy Birthday! We love you!


alleyne said...

Happy Birthday D!!!! We love you too!!! You are getting better and better with age. The Other Bensons

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, H!

Allyson said...

Happy Birthday, H! I love this post...what a great guy he is...I remember his laugh the was contagious and so real!

Andi said...

Oh what a wonderfully sweet post, Nat! Those are THE 40 things that makes H so lovable to all who know him! You two make such a perfect couple. Happy, happy birthday H!!! Hope you have had the best time.
Love to your sweet, precious family.

Arizaphale said...

40!!! Awesome! What a great way to commemorate it. Happy birthday (belated) H!