Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year of Discovery, Part I

Welcome to 2010!

Have you heard of the idea of one little word? Of choosing a word (or letting it choose you) to help define your year? For the past two years, I've chosen words to help ground me as I navigate through each day. Sometimes I've succeeded, sometimes I've failed. That's what life is about.

I stumbled upon a Christine Kane's website earlier today and LOVED the discovery tool she designed to help clearly define your word of the year. I'm going to break the questions down into three parts so they are a tad easier for me to chew on.

Part 1: Intention and Clarity: Know Your Why

Write the word (or words) you are choosing for the coming year:
My word for 2010 is discovery: {noun} the act of discovering; find; uncovering; breakthrough.

Why is this the perfect word for you this year?
I want to take time to understand myself more. Why do I allow my life to be controlled by clutter? Why am I not satisfied with "enough?" Why do I need more instead of less? Who am I really?

If you embraced and lived this word daily, what would be different about you?
If I lived every day as a day of discovery, I would be questioning myself often. Why did you do that? Do you really need this? Does this make your life more full or does it take away from something you'd really be doing? Is this something that is pleasing to God? Do you feel God is calling you to do this? If I lived every day focused on discovering, I would be less impulsive and more cognitive of my decisions.

In what ways do you already live/embody this word?
To be perfectly honest, I don't think I do already live or embody the idea of discovery. It's easier to just continue with the way I've allowed myself to be. I want to be better. I want to be the women God designed me to be and I just don't feel I'm living up to all He wants me to be.

In what ways do you not live/embody this word?
See previous answer.

If you were to live this word daily throughout the year, how would your life be different one year from today? What would you have created or attracted? How would you feel?
I anticipate that I will know myself in a more intimate way. I will be less committed. I will be more focused on family and doing the things we enjoy. In knowing myself better, I will have a stronger relationship with H, a better mother for M, and a better daughter to the Father.

That's enough for today. I will work on A Year of Discovery, Part II tomorrow.

I've started a new blog for our family. One of my goals for 2010 is Project Life. I'll post often our daily pictures there and a few comments. Feel free to check it out. It's rather elementary right now, but I will work on adding a little more to it in the next few days.

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That's a great word for the year!