Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Don't you always want to be first? Number one? The best?

But what if being first means being the worst? The one that needs it the most?

My dad got the call today. The one with his number on the transplant list. Want to guess what number he is?

Yep. He's first.

My sweet, loving father is FIRST on the list for a transplant.

It's mind-blowing, really. Less than two weeks ago, everything was status-quo. He was coughing, but happy we were there visiting (well, we would be visiting in two days). Now, he's on oxygen, his bags are packed and he's waiting on "the call."

He said today, "I'd rather do it now, when I'm healthy." He's got the best attitude about it. While I'm a tad scared (more than a tad, to be honest), he's quietly confident when we talk about it. I'm sure he feels the need to be calm when we talk so I don't flip out. I bet you didn't know I was the flip out kind of person, did you? I am excited that new lungs mean new life for my dad. I'm sad that he's sick enough to need to have a critical organ replaced.

I love my dad so much.


Anonymous said...

This is hard I know, but it is part of God's plan for your dad. He will be covered in prayers and all will be well. I will also pray for the other family in thanksgiving for their willingness to share life.

Kyla said...

Wow! First? Wow.

I'll be thinking of you guys!!

Christina said...

wow Natalie. That is so hard and scary...but God will provide and I'm sure we'll be thanking him soon! Hugs!

Carrie said...

Oh Nat! I am sending so many prayers and hugs to you, your family, and the family that will also be impacted by this new chance at life. Your dad's strength is shining through in your post - you must have gotten that from him. How is your mom holding up? Love you!!

alleyne said...

it's alright to be scared. in fact it's normal!! sometimes the journey before us has to be walked in fear. just know God is always with you to calm you and give you strength even when you are scared and worried for the ones we love! also know you can call, day or night, in anyway we can help!! i love you, alleyne

ZachB said...

I hate it that he is number 1 too!! I am more than a tad scared about this entire situation as well. We just have to know that God is going to take care of him and make him better for us for many more years to come! Love You!

Colleen said...

How scary to be 1st in this situation. But... good to be 1st and getting what he needs.