Sunday, January 10, 2010


Time line of a long night:

11:35 PM: Pick M and babysitter up. Take babysitter home.
11:50 PM: Arrive home.
12:15 AM: M is finally in bed.
1:30 AM: I'm finally in bed.
4:15 AM: Hear a funny whining noise, but think it's part of a dream.
4:30 AM: Wake up. Think M is singing in her room. Better go check on her.
4:32 AM: "Mommy, there is slobber on my blanket!" Uh-oh. I know what that means.
"Honey, did you throw up?"
"Yes," sobbing, "I frowed up."
4:40 AM: Bathe M, change her sheets, dress her and put her in my bed.
4:45 AM: Pray over M, so thankful that she's okay, that she woke up, that the Lord will protect her through the night.
5:00 AM: Listen to her peaceful breathing.
5:20 AM: Doze off myself.

It was a long night.

But H's party was so much fun last night. It was great having so many important people in his life here to celebrate his 40th birthday. I'll post pictures soon.


Kyla said...

It always happens like that around here. If KayTar is going to get sick, it is way more likely to happen on Monday after my late night hospital shift than any other time.

Arizaphale said...

Such a shame that we seem to have to 'pay ' for our fun nights :-) Still, at least she was ok and you all had a great night. Albeit long.