Sunday, January 17, 2010

A few funnies

Goodness gracious, what a week!

I'll be posting our daily pictures on our Project Life site in a while. Feel free to stop by and catch a glimpse of why I've been away. Life at it's fullest, for sure!

Here are a few M funnies for you:

"Mom, do you want to lick on top of my germs?" (As she's offering to share her chocolate sucker with me)

Whispering to wake me up: "I need to brush Sophie's hair." (In the middle of the night, no less!)

M was all dressed for church this morning. When we got to church, she panicked and needed to change her into her princess shoes. I'm trying to let her assume a little more responsibility with her wardrobe, so I let her change her shoes in the car. As we were climbing the stairs, someone commented on her fancy princess shoes. She responded, "Yes, I'm wearing high heels to church just like Mommy. We're dressed up for Jesus."

"Mama. Daddy just wants me for my ba--dee." WHAT?? I let it go.
A few days later, "Mama, Mocha just wants me for my BA--DEE. Daddy just wants me for my ba-dee." WHAT??
"M, where in the world did you hear that? That's not appropriate for you to say. You're a little girl."
"Mama. You're so silly! I'm just talking like Mater in the Cars movie. He said his friend just wants him for his BA--DEE."


Arizaphale said...

Heh heh heh.
Some of these 'kids' movies have humour for the adults and it's a bit disconcerting when the kids pick up on it without really knowing....
Love the mental picture of M in her princess shoes going to church. The BA used to love wearing a pair of tinsel antennae to church. Used to crack the priest up at the altar rail!

Colleen said...

These girls... they just keep the laughs coming.