Monday, January 4, 2010

The Journey

This year, my sister- and brother-in-law's church is hosting a program called The Journey. Each weekday during the year, there will be a post listed with a chapter in the New Testament and a devotion written by someone in the church.

"One day I realized that there were 260 weekdays (mon-fri) in a year, and there were 260 chapters in the New Testament. If we all read just one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, for a year, we would read through the entire New Testament. Seeing that the scripture is the primary place that God communicates to us, just imagine what could happen if we expose our heart and minds to it all week, every week. I know that this could be life- changing!" written by the pastor of the church.
I've tried the whole read the Bible in a year idea and it IS a great idea. But like so many other great ideas, I couldn't do it alone and I sure didn't follow through with it. I need a little hand holding. I need someone to help make it come alive for me, to make it real. I truly do love reading God's Holy Word {that just feels so powerful to even type! GOD'S HOLY WORD!!!}, but, frankly, I'm not smart enough to get it. I can't make the connections. I don't know enough to understand it deeply.
I'm super excited to take this journey through the New Testament. I was so excited this morning when I got the newest post and read the devotion. I'm excited about exposing my heart and mind to God's word. I love that real people (that I might even know) have written devotions (with guidance by their pastor, I imagine) to help the words come alive. Not that I doubt God will do just that as I read His Word this year. In fact, I'm certain God will do just that: He will communicate through his inerrant word in ways I've never known before. His Word will become more and more real to me as I read (and struggle, I'm sure) and study it. Only He knows what I will discover as I participate in The Journey. And I am so ready...


alleyne said...

thank you for posting this about my church's(piedmont church) JOURNEY! it is a neat concept and so very easy to just read the Bible and relate to God's words in our everday lives! love you, alleyne

Arizaphale said...

I think that the ability to reflect upon God's word with fellow Christians is a very powerful tool indeed. We have devotions at school every morning and we are all rostered on to present something through the term. It is amazing what communication you can have with God when you open your heart and your mind. Well done Natalie.