Sunday, January 10, 2010

Party Time

This was a big weekend for H. Friday was his 40th birthday. He was able to meet his poker buddies Friday evening. M and I made him a cake and took it over there. We sang happy birthday and ate a piece of cake.

Saturday evening was the big night. We had nearly 35 friends here to celebrate with us. Our home and our hearts were full as we saw how many people love H. We certainly missed some friends and family who couldn't be here. But it was such a special night. I'm so thankful that so many people were able to come. (Thank you, Donna, for taking these pictures for me!)

H got the first taste of fondue, his choice for dessert for the party.

H hamming it up with special "Over the Hill" sunglasses.
Thank you, everyone, who was here to celebrate with us and those that called with sweet wishes. We love you all so much and are so thankful for your role in our lives!


Kyla said...

Looks SUPER fun!!

Arizaphale said...

Are there a few brothers in those photos? I think I spot some family resemblances.....