Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I am actually working on my paper. At a snail's pace, but that is better than no pace at all.

Here is one question for my paper--which is already 8 pages long:

"Discuss how you would describe community or communities. How would you describe the community context of the region you work? What resources are there? What resources are untapped? What resources feel out of reach? What ideas do you have regarding bridging communities and your classroom?"

WHAT!?!?!?! I'm writing a stinkin' paper on integrating drama into my curriculum!!!!!

What resources feel out of reach? My BRAIN, for one.


Stacy said...

Paper writing vibes are coming your way! The last time I wrote a paper like that was around 10 years ago and I have no wish to do it again. Maybe some day I will go for my Masters...but I doubt it!

Good luck!!

christinator said...

How's it going? Sending lots of paper writing vibes over to you! I must say, I'm glad to not be the one writing it. ;o)