Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Egg Hunt Pictures (Easter Afternoon)

The "diva" discovered that she is quite excellent at bossing her big cousins around. M only picked up about 2 of her own Easter eggs. She didn't want to dirty her hands, so she walked around and pointed and grunted at the eggs. Her royal subject (otherwise known as her 12 year old cousin) would gather the bounty and either place the egg in her basket if she held it out for him or give it to her and let her put it in her basket.

I have to run...the princess requires another goodnight kiss.


melody said...

So the Princess rules. :)

Precious photos...you have a beautiful daughter.

christinator said...

LOL! Too funny...she may be small, but she RULES!!!

Stacy said...

Oh she is so cute! Yes, those little ones get everything figured out pretty quickly don't they?

It was nice that her cousins let her boss them around!

Kyla said...

Oh, she is so beautiful!! KayTar is quite good at being the boss as well, just ask BubTar. *lol*