Friday, April 6, 2007


What can be sweeter than a sweet little girl playing with Easter eggs? I wanted the perfect posed picture, but got this instead. She refused to stand barefoot in the grass and reach for an egg. I could show the crying pictures, which all my friends know I love, but I'm sharing this precious little image. Does anyone know how to keep them this size forever? I'm not ready to let this go!

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Never That Easy said...

You're right... that's almost unbearably sweet.

christinator said...

That sure is sweet alright! And it's better than any staged photo. (at least I tell myself that, because my girl won't cooperate for staged photos either!).

Stacy said...

That is such a sweet picture of M! :) I wish they stayed that size forever. It goes by so fast!

melody said...

Oh Nat, she is beautiful and I can't imagine any staged photo being more perfect.

Dang, I know for sure that you can't freeze them. But know that each stage in their lives brings something special, different, but special nonetheless.

Happy Easter.

tracey said...


Kyla said...

That is an amazing shot...consider the subject, though...can you really go wrong with a cute kid like M in the frame?