Wednesday, April 4, 2007


M has lots of friends, but I don't have any recent pictures of them together. It's been a while since us moms could stage a photo op with very active toddlers. When we get together, we're just so glad they can sort of entertain themselves so we can have a moment to talk to each other! So, here is a picture from January of M with our dog, Mocha. When we're home, they definitely entertain one another.

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See you tomorrow! The word for tomorrow is PLAY. And boy, oh, boy am I excited about that!



Stacy said...

That is SO CUTE! Pets are great friends for our little ones, aren't they? Anya is a bit afraid of puppies, but she has gotten along with Kitty very well...besides the whole toy stealing thing. ;)

melody said...

M and her friend are cuties. Can't beat those furry friends. :)

tracey said...

Oh, how simply adorable!