Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time Flies

I need a moment to collect my thoughts...
Wow. 18 months. Gone in the blink of an eye. That's M's pediatrician holding her when she was 5 days old and again today, 5 days past her 18 month birthday.
How did it happen? How did that little bundle of joy turn into that bigger bundle of joy-delight-exasperation-did-I-mention-joy? I feel like I've barely taken a breath and now my precious, delicious infant is a big girl.
M's milestones:
1.) She's walking (after casts, surgery, more casts, corrective shoes, and an expensive brace that I didn't even pay off before she was done wearing it!!!)
2.) She's babbling. Some real words, some non-sense words. Some of her real words are: mama, dada, kit-kat (for the cats), book, ball, bye-bye, Noah, B-Bee (for OB, my dad), Nona (sometimes, if she's in the mood), more, please. She can sign more, please, eat, milk, Thank you, help, all done. The dr. asked if M was talking. I said yes, but not as much as I had hoped. He told me not to worry that she would start picking up about a word a day before much longer. When we got home, she got the plunger out of the laundry room. I told her to put it back because it was nasty, which she proceeded to mimic saying, "ass-ty, ass-ty." I quickly had to tell her it was DIRTY, not NASTY! Whew...need to watch what I say.
3.) She weighs 23 lbs, 11 oz. and is 34 inches tall.
4.) She's the joy of my life.
I know you're dying to know what we did on day 2 of our spring break:
We slept late.
We ate whatever we wanted for breakfast.
We went to the doctor and got ONE shot--M's last before she's 4.
We ran two errands.
We ate grilled cheeses, potato chips, and fruit for lunch.
We took LONG naps.
We went to the park to swing with Noah and his mom, who was NOT induced today and pretty bummed about it.
We went to M's cousin's baseball game.
We skipped bath time.
We had a great day. Tomorrow we are not leaving the house. We're going to play and sew and make cards and scrapbook. And we're going to take naps.
I hope you have a great day tomorrow. If you have the magic solution for keeping kids young and innocent, would you let me know, please? I'm not ready for her to grow up any more. I need a tissue now.


christinator said...

What a sweet post, Nat! You almost brought tears to my eyes. The time does fly by so fast…my “tiny baby” will be 18 months in just a little over a month. It’s truly amazing.

melody said...

Where does the time go? Blink, blink and they've reached another milestone. Your post made me stop and sniffle a bit, too.

Glad to read that you and M are soaking up this week of spring break.

Carry on.

Stacy said...

Oh, it does fly by so fast. I don't think I ever read what M's condition was. I know you mentioned that she had to have surgery. Just wondering if you are willing to share...

Anonymous said...

Nat, I am being lazy and wandering around your wonderful blog. (Thank you for the mug entry by the way...I just wanted you to know that I love and appreciate YOU!) Anyway, THIS entry DID bring tears to my eyes. You see, my baby girl will be 18 (YEARS not MONTHS!) in less than one month. Where does that time go? How could it have passed so quickly without me realizing it. PLEASE continue to savor every second of M's little sweet years...they will pass far too quickly. You will wonder the same things as I have, as all mothers have I suppose. Our baby girls will ALWAYS be that to us, even if they do not understand that until they become mothers themselves. I know my own mother still holds me tight sometimes and says, "I love you, sweet baby girl" and I am 35 years old! The time of childhood is so tender and sweet; it's just not fair how fast it flies by. Wait until you are about to watch her graduate from high school! Oh, the tears that will flow. I love you, Nat. Andria