Thursday, April 5, 2007


I sure wish I knew how to change pictures so they would go the right way!!! This is my "play" submission for Snap Happy at Picture This ( Photo one: M playing. Photo two: Mommy made M stop playing and take a bath. Ignore the cheese grits all over her face. She wants to feed herself.



christinator said...

Oh yes, I am all too familiar with the dramatic tears when Mommy says we're done with something. Tonight it was because I wouldn't let her pull the cat's tail.

tracey said...

Such a cute peek-a-boo picture.

PS. You must change the direction of the image before you add it into the body of the post. Can you "rotate" the image in your basic photo editing program...the one that will get your picture from your camera to the computer? Look up "rotate" in the guide and you should be able to do it. Good luck!

melody said...

That first photo is adorable, rotated or not! And I had to giggle about the second you-must-stop-playing-cheese-grits-face.

Julie said...

I love the framing on the top one! What a cutie!