Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today is better...

Yesterday was not a good day. Let me tell you why:

1.) M and I left the house at 8:15 am to run errands (just a side note: If I was a SAHM, I would grocery shop every Friday morning at 8:15--no one is there and they are finishing stocking the shelves for the weekend...AWESOME!).
2.) I forgot I was supposed to meet a friend at my house before she left town.
3.) M and I raced home after only getting one errand taken care of.
4.) Took care of my friend and left to finish errands.
5.) MY FRIEND GOT IN A WRECK. So, M and I spent the rest of the morning helping my friend. No more errands.
6.) M's naps were all messed up.
7.) Decide to finish errands.
9.) H can't come get us...he has patients. Who can pick us up? Someone who has an empty carseat...My friend E saves the day. H's brother runs to our house and opens it for us.

So, I was late to take dinner to Susie, Joe, Noah, Mimi and the new baby. I was late to help my friend cater last night.

1.) The department store called at 9:00 this morning--SOMEONE HAS TURNED MY KEYS IN!!!! YEAH!!!!
2.) I helped my friend cater another event tonight...not only did she pay me, but the hostess tipped me very, very, very nicely! YES!

One other good thing. Yesterday at the deparment store, I got TWO new purses, one t-shirt and one pair of really, really cute flip flops. Total cost: $40! SCORE ONE FOR ME! (I'm into capital letters today!).

I have all kinds of cute M stories, but I'll save them for another day. I'm a lucky mama to have such a sweet, funny girl.


Stacy said...

I am glad that today is much better. That sounds like enough stress for one month, much less one day. Big hugs, Stacy

christinator said...

Ugh for the awful day yesterday! :o( But yay for a much better one today! :o) I'm looking forward to the M stories...I have a bunch to share, too, if I ever get the chance to type them out!