Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8 Hours

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am so very pleased to tell you that there are only 8 hours left in this school year. Tomorrow the children will arrive at 8:30 and when they leave 8 hours later they will officially be 3rd graders. Praise the Lord. He sustained me this year. There were moments, days, even, when I felt as if I wasn't sure I could make it. There are several children that I adore and will miss a bit. But overall, it is, without a doubt, time for this class to move on. They are as ready for 3rd grade as they could possibly be. I worked them hard and they worked hard for me. They have achieved so much.

Goodbye, my students. I will wave to you as you pass down the hall. Keep working hard. Goodbye.


melody said...

Hey, I'm not sensing any sadness here. :D

Enjoy your summer. Wanna come help me move?

Kyla said...

Have a great summer!! :) BubTar is out on Thursday. I don't know what I'm going to do to keep him busy all summer!

christinator said...

Woohoo! Who's happier for summer to be her - the teacher or the students?? :o)