Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Not a fantastic photo, but M was right there helping me with this project. H tried to entertain her with other projects, but she wouldn't leave my, lap. Sweet memory more than anything else.

Check out Picture This ( ) for AWESOME entries for my best shot Monday. I'm not in their league.


christinator said...

Often times our favorite pictures as a Mommy aren't fantastic technically....but they speak to our heart. This is one of those. Such a wonderful memory.

Funny that you decided to change BSM! I always have a hard time deciding, too.

Stacy said...

Yes, not all my favorites are my best. This is so sweet and a great memory for you. Those little ones just love to "help". :)

melody said...

Technical shots are trumped by love and memories shots. This is precious.

tracey said...

I really love this shot. What a great angle and what they are doing really gets me in my mommy heart! Very nicely done!

tracey said...

Hold up...did you say it's not a fantastic photo???

It's AWESOME!!! I love it. I know I just said it but I'm saying it again!