Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Update on a father's love

I cooked tonight (shocked gasp, I hear you!), so H came home, ate dinner, ran back to our local home improvement store (otherwise known as his second home), and has been working in the play area since 9:00 PM. Yep, that's right. Nine o'clock PM! It's 10:30 now. He told me over dinner that he hopes to have the area completed by this Saturday evening. Maybe I should mention that my chicken almost caused my death as I was choking on it. I adore H, but this project has progressed much more quickly than most of our other home improvement projects.

For example, our house is still only 2/3 painted. He started that last summer.

Our backyard fence is falling down. And has been for atleast 2 years now.

Not to worry, though, dear neighbors. The white-trash neighbors are going to take care of all their yard woes with a nice fat check from Uncle Sam!

H takes excellent care of the front yard, but is negligent of the back yard--no one sees it, he says! M and I can't wait for all the yard/house work to be finished so we have our other family member back.

Look for pictures soon of the play area. The plants are schedule to arrive tomorrow. H has sweet talked a local nursery owner to SPECIAL ORDER the particular type of plants he wants--and to give him a discount. He's good, girls....very good.

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christinator said...

Go H! So sweet that he's so dedicated to doing this for his little girl.

P.S. Any suggestions on how to get your husband's yard-care to rub off on mine? Just getting him to cut the grass is like pulling teeth. He hates to do any of it - and our yard shows that!