Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dear M,

Dear M,

I know you are having fun with your Nona and OB (AKA: B-Beeeeee, M-ese). I miss you very much, Precious Pants. Learn lots of new things while you are away so you can impress Mama and Daddy when you get back. But don't grow too much. Stay my sweet little baby girl. And don't wear Nona and OB out too much. I have lots of hugs and kisses saved up for you. I'll see you soon, sweet girl, but not soon enough.


Dear Nona and OB,

Please give M lots of hugs for me. I miss her very much. I'm trying to keep busy every moment of every day until she comes home. Could you do one thing for me? Could you PLEASE get her to eat mac-n-cheese and spaghetti like a normal kid? Also, could you please find that miracle pill that will forever keep her a baby for me?

Thank you so much for taking care of her while I have classes this week and work on that stupid art project. I love are the greatest parents and grandparents any girls could ask for.



mommy_jem said...

Both of the letters brought a tear to my eye. You don't have to know you to see the love you have for your child and your parents.

melody said...

You've made me miss M, too. {{{HUG}}}

Stacy said...

Big ((hugs)) I know when my kids are staying at my parents or in-laws for some much needed bonding, I miss them terribly. Knowing that they are being loved so much lifts the load a little, though.

christinator said...

You've brought tears to my eyes! Such sweet, moving letters.

P.S. I'm glad to see Nadia's in good company...she's a weird kid, too, and won't eat mac-n-cheese.

Kyla said...

I'd be dying without my KayTar! I'm hoping that by the time our next anniversary rolls around maybe we will both be okay with Josh and I spending a night away. We have a year to work up to it. *lol*