Thursday, May 10, 2007

So...sewing class


I did it. I'm taking another sewing class. When one wants to sew, one must learn from the master. Seeing how I keep making the same outfit over, and over, and over, and over, and over again....and one more time for good measure, I decided to sign up for another sewing class. Prior to attending class tonight, I cut out my pattern, washed and ironed my fabric and got thoroughly confused on how to lay out the pieces to cut them out. That stupid picture they gave just didn't make any sense to my tired brain. Thankfully, the master sewer had it figured out in just seconds. I spent the next 120 minutes cutting out the dress.

I tell you what, M better wear this dress when she marries. Pictures will follow soon.

On another note (filed under "and other stuff"), Kari over at has an interesting post about privacy and the relationship between privacy and blogging. She raises some interesting points for me to consider. I don't ever want to invade or violate my students' privacy, so I think I'm going to refrain from sharing any school stories. I would hate, more than anything, for a parent to stumble across this blog and feel as if I had shared something they didn't want public for all of cyberspace to know. I don't feel as if I violate M or H's privacy...they are my life. If I didn't write about them, I wouldn't have much to say. When M is 12, I might shut down the blog (don't've got 11 years before that happens) to avoid any embarrassment for her. I try not to let on too much about H's profession or anything related to him (his family, etc.) that could cause a problem (not that there is anything, of course). What to you think about the privacy issue? Have you had an incidents? I don't read blogs to find out about YOU...I look for advice or ideas or inspiration. I find blogging relaxing and enjoyable. Anyway...just an something to think about, I suppose.


melody said...

I read and comment on Kari's post. I've begun to wonder if I should continue to blog about my sons. I truly want the world to understand that special children are "children", but I've begun to wonder how my boys would feel about my sharing as they are older. I'm wrestling with this issue.

Oh, and C is out of town again, the boys are finally sleeping and I'm drinking wine. :o

Stacy said...

I think about this, too, but mostly about blogging about others. I think eventually I will watch more on what I say about my kids, because truly it was started for my family. I want them to know what is going on with them, so I guess I would just limit the embarassing stories.

christinator said...

I can't sew worht anything. My Mom's a great seamtress, as is my Grandma and they both tried to teach me but I don't have that talent. I spend more time untangling thread and getting frustrated than anything else.

I struggle with the issue of blogging and privacy, wise words from me.