Friday, May 25, 2007


H is taking us away for a few days. We need a quiet family weekend together. We're going to visit my family and just rest and relax. We're leaving M with her grandparents for a few days. That will be a major adjustment for me.

Pictures will come next week. I'll miss MBS Monday, but I might post Tuesday just for me.

I went to Target today for a few pick me up know, end of the year rewards. I didn't buy myself anything, but had fun shopping for M. Just wait until you see the cutie pie bikini I got her. I ate my mothering words. I swore she would NEVER wear a bikini because, a heck, I don't know. So, she is now the cutest owner of the cutest pink and brown bikini ever made.


Kyla said...

Have a great time while you are away! I'm hoping that by our anniversary next year, we might be able to leave KayTar for an overnight. I can dream, right? *lol*

KayTar has a two-piece last summer, but this year we've opted for a one piece that has floaters built in, in case she decides to dive in again. *lol*

melody said...

You are already gone, but I'm sending have fun vibes.

christinator said...

Motherhood really does make us eat our words on so many things, doesn't it?! Can't wait to see M's bikini.

I'm late in commenting and you're already back from your get-away weekend, so I won't send "have fun" vibes and instead say "so glad you had a great time, you deserve it!"