Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rear-end Part II

My friend (who doesn't know she's my friend) at the amazing shrinking mom ( has lost an incredible amount of weight. My real life friend (she does know she's my friend) joined weight watcher's this morning. My mom is doing the biggest loser with her coworkers.

Melodee, the shrinking mom, believes in dieting naked. No, not getting undressed to diet, but being totally honest about dieting--how much she weighs, how she does, etc. She checks in with her blog-o-followers and lets us know the highs and lows of her new lifestyle. She's really rather incredible. Well, she's on an exercise streak. I can't remember how many days she's gone now, but I'm joining that band--er...exercise wagon. I'm not quite ready to diet naked yet--you know, confess those little black numbers on the scale, but suffice to say that are much, much, much too high. I will be honest and let you know (because I'm sure you're very curious) how much I lose.

How was your Saturday? Here is what happened at the Benson household:
I slept in late (yeah...until 8:00).
I washed two loads of laundry.
I WALKED THE MIRACLE MILE AGAIN. (M was so confused about the women on TV doing something and mama doing it too! She got the idea that I was following the TV women--she did a few little walk moves of her own. She is so darn cute!)
The entire Benson family went to watch M's cousin play the wrong time, so we came home again.
I did more laundry.
I cleaned a little bit.
I did more laundry.
We ate lunch.
M took a nap.
I did more laundry.
I rested for 45 minutes.
I packed M and H up and sent them back to the ball field to watch the game at the correct time.
I took a bath.
I left to help my friend cater.
It's midnight and I'm not in bed yet.

Okay--surely all this extra movement today burned some calories. I'm on an exercise streak. Day Two...check, check!

Happy, happy Mother's Day to my blog friends. I hope you have a wonderful day with your sweet children.


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christinator said...

Sounds like a productive day to me! So how does this miracle mile work? You watch the video and walk a mile in-place? M is so cute, imitating you!