Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why do I blog?

I wish I had a philosophical answer like:
I want to share with the world all my amazing artistic prowess OR
I have amazing mothering techniques that I want to bestow upon the less fortunate OR
I am such an incredibly gifted linguist that I must see my ideas in print.

But the real reason I started this blog is so that I could play along in My Best Shot Monday at Picture This ( That was the reason I STARTED this blog. Now why do I continue it?

1.) I love the dialogue I have with my blog friends. I love that they care enough about me (us) to stop by and read--not just on Mondays, but lots of days. I love that they leave little comments when I'm out of town and then welcome me home when I post that I'm back. I love the support they provide when I write posts about family matters, school situations, or life questions.

2.) I just really enjoy having a place to keep a journal of sorts. I'm not a good journaler, but when I feel like I have an "audience," I am more compelled to write. If I was writing all of this in a pretty notebook on my bedside table, I wouldn't be writing at all.

3.) I LOVE reading blogs. I love the mothering advice that my blog friends share, intentionally or not. I love seeing the photographic genius out there. I love reading about what is going on in your lives.

4.) I am a bigger person (ewww...not a good image) because my blog friends are not all middle GA girls--they are from all over the place and they have such a different perspective on some things. One is having massive rain while we've had the driest May in history (you learn tidbits like "We're having the driest May in history" when you can actually watch the mid-day news BECAUSE YOU ARE OUT OF SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER!). One is raising three adoptive almost adolescent boys while I have one toddler girl. One is an amazing Martha Stewart type woman (that is meant in the most complementary way) who can work, sew (without a pattern, nonetheless), take amazing photos, garden, cook and raise toddlers while I struggle to work and raise a toddler.

5.) I love the support the blog world provides for those in the club. When in need, bloggers gather around and support. I enjoy being part of that club.

I think that might sum up why I blog. At least for now. It might change over time.


melody said...

Natalie, what a eloquently written, heartfelt post. I feel blessed and honored to be among your blog best friends...and one that is geographically close. I hope we meet some day.

Til then, I'm be here...

Stacy said...

Natalie that is a great post. :) I love that my world is bigger knowing you too...a great mom and a great teacher.

christinator said...

What beautiful words, Natalie! I am honored to be counted among your blog friends. I just have to take issue with one thing you said: that you're not a good writer. Because you ARE a good writer! You put your heart and soul into what you write, and your words show what a loving mother, caring friend and wonderful person you are.

Kyla said...

Great reasons. I share many of them myself.