Friday, May 18, 2007

Update on the Miracle Mile

I am pleased to tell the ENTIRE world that I have done the Miracle Mile every day for 7 days. I did not do it today, though. But I have a really good excuse, um...I mean reason. Tonight was supper club. My dear friends, the host and hostess, hired a dance instructor to teach us to swing dance! Sooooo, instead of walking the Miracle Mile, I danced my little tush off for about 45 minutes. Surely that will take the place of the Miracle Mile today.

And I am ALSO pleased to tell the entire world that I lost not one pound, but TWO AND A HALF pounds this week! YEAH!!!! I didn't make many changes to my diet this week. For example, H bought a cheesecake to serve as dessert for his meeting Monday evening. Instead of letting that go to waste, I did have one and a half pieces of eat during the week. I could have done without that. I also had a REALLY stressful day yesterday, so H treated me to a small blizzard from the DQ. I could have done without that, too. I did live without a Starbucks this week. YES! I also opted for Subway (turkey and bacon on whole wheat) instead of my numero uno favorite Mexican.

This is not going to be a diet blog. I just wanted to share some good news.

Want some funny school news? I know I said I wouldn't share any more school stories, but this one is funny and I'm sure if his mom stumbled across this blog, she wouldn't mind my sharing. Yesterday was award's day, so I dressed up and took heels to change into right before the ceremony. As my kids were lining up, I just slipped them on. I didn't think to tell them I was changing--why would they care? As we were walking toward the stairs, I overheard one of my boys (he's only seven--keep that in mind) say to his buddy, "Mrs. Benson should wear heels more often. She's got a set of legs!" I busted out laughing. Out of the mouths of babes. (Just for the official record...I do have a set of legs--fat, dimply, short, and not of the attractive variety!)


christinator said...

You rock, girl! Good for you for being so faithful with your exercise and I definitely thing your dance session qualifies as a workout! Super that you are already seeing some good results.

You had me LOLing at the "legs" story!

Stacy said...

Oh my, too funny about the comment!

Good job on your exercise may inspire me yet!

Anonymous said...

OMG...but than again I can believe that one of your precious students said that about your legs......How funny
You really will miss your class...NOT