Sunday, December 2, 2007

Glimpse into our afternoon

One little M Benson woke up on the wrong side of her crib this afternoon. Tears flowed forth for the better part of our afternoon and evening. Finally, I'd had enough.

M was walking around crying about something AGAIN.
I was TRYING to have a moment of quiet in the bathroom.
She walks in SOBBING about some injustice. She was trying to tell me what it was, but of course I couldn't understand because she was blubbering through her tears.
I was at the end of my mommy-patience-rope. I'd heard ENOUGH of the whining.
"M, stop crying NOW. Mommy has no idea what you're talking about."
M stomped her foot at me and continued to cry.
"M, Mommy said stop crying. You are not allowed to stomp your foot at Mommy."
More tears as she stomps out of the bathroom and sits on the floor by my sewing machine (leaving the once closed bathroom door wide open so I'm STILL listening to the whining/crying.)
My voice reaches almost screaming level--not quite, but almost.
"M, that's ENOUGH. Go sit on the red chair until you are done crying!"
The tears stopped. *snap* Just like that. Not another tear the rest of the evening.

Can someone PLEASE explain this to me?


Colleen said...

I hate days like those. When you just have no clue what to do to quit the whining and crying. As for why the quick switch? Maybe it's like when someone is in hysterics and you smack them. It brings them back to reality. Maybe the almost screaming just brought her down to earth.

Kyla said...

The only thing that works on KayTar is saying, "Do you want to go to your crib?" and then she says, "No." and there is silence. It even works when we are away from home, nowhere near her crib. LOL.

Anonymous said...

did you say 2 ???????? Remember the Perry post office incident when you were two! Give her a big smooch from Nona and especially OB- that might set her off again :)

Golightly said...

ONLY if they explain it to me first! It's a page right out of one of our "wrong side of the crib" days!

On another note, I got meme'd so now I'm tagging you, don't hate me, please forgive me and heck, have fun!
See you soon!

~ Melody ~ said...

LOL. Aren't they the little manipulators? :)

Christina said...

Oh golly is that ever familiar! Except I am still looking for that magical phrase that will suddenly stop the tears in their tracks...

Arizaphale said...

Amazing. There's no rhyme nor reason. I want to hear about the Perry Post Office incident!!