Saturday, December 22, 2007

Handmade Gifts

Each nephew gets a home-made knot pillow...two UGA, one GA Tech. I always try to make them something special. I think they'll love these. They are so soft and they look GREAT in person.

All the women in the family are getting sets of 5 note cards with their first initial on them. They are all the same color scheme (red/cream) with a different patterned paper for the back ground.

This is my FAVORITE home made gift this year. I made each teacher on my grade level a clipboard that is painted white, brown polka dots and a brown initial on the back. My clipboard has purple polka dots. Each teacher has brown dots and dots in her favorite color. These turned out FANTASTIC even though it was my first attempt. The only SLIGHT thing is I wish I was a better painter. Our initials are a little wobbly.

I thought I uploaded the scarf I started for my grandmother, but am giving to my SIL. I'm going to work REAL hard tonight and tomorrow so I can give one to my grandmother, too. It is very beautiful.

Everyone will also get home made hot chocolate.

My Christmas card pictures arrived today. Instead of stressing about it, I'm going to take them to my parents and work on them during the week. I'll get them out by the end of th next week. Who doesn't enjoy a late Christmas card??? Especially with cute M on it!!!
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Kyla said...

Lovely! You do such cute things! I am soooo not crafty, so I admire that.

Colleen said...

The presents are just gorgeous. You're so creative.

Arizaphale said...

You are soooo clever. I love doing handmade gifts and have gone to town over the years. Not nowadays...don't have time. How do YOU manage it???? I am so impressed!!!

Christina said...

You are too awesomely creative! I love these. I like doing handmade gifts, but just couldn't come up with anything within my meager creative abilities this year. I actually tried making those knot pillows for the neices, but the gap between the knots is large enough that curious 2-year-old fingers would pull the stuffing out. How did you get it to work??

Anonymous said...

Oh how I miss you and your creative enthusiasm! Your handmade gifts are fabulous this year, as usual! I did manage to finish ME's annual scrapbook, and I even did one for Aubrey this year too. I'll show you sometime soon. You rock and your family members will love these special touches. I can not wait to see the Christmas card, and it will be exciting no matter when it arrives! Have a wonderful to M and H as well. Christmas blessings to all,