Monday, December 31, 2007

Photo Shoot

My sweet, sweet husband got me lights for Christmas...the kind in a studio. He has far more faith in me than I have in myself! We played around with the lights when I was in Savannah. I dressed M up in her Easter dress (got at a GREAT bargain at the Strasburg store!!!!!) and made everyone pose with her. My favorite pictures in the world are the ones with my mom, my 87 year old grandmother and M. If you can't see these clearly, let me know. I'll post them individually so you can check them out.

H's birthday is Jan. 8. We've invited the nephews over to make cookies this weekend. I'm sure they're thrilled to know that they are my next photographic subjects!!!

I think I know why my pictures are a tad hazy. I think it's my diffusor filter. I'm going to take it off and take some pictures this afternoon. If they are clearer, crisper, then I'll know for sure that's the problem.
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Christina said...

Oh wow! Natalie, these are awesome! You really did a fabulous job. I'd love the see each picture larger. The diffuser filter sounds like a good bet as to what's causing the haze!

Kyla said...

Those are great! I might be asking for lights next year.

Anonymous said...

These are SO great! What a nice idea, and how sweet of your family to play along in your photo shoot...H did such a good job surprising you this year! I love all of these in addition to BSM, and like Christina, I'd also like to see them larger! What precious memories for you, M and the grands.

Colleen said...


Me too.... larger. They just look so great they need to be viewed larger!