Friday, April 25, 2008

2nd Time

M has a unique nursing style.

As her patient snoozes on the couch, she plays quietly for a scarce minute.

Then she might listen to her patient's tummy (throat) with a necklace.
Hit her patient on the head with lambie and blankie (M's snugglies).
Tickle her patient.
Take her patient's temperature with a pen behind the patient's ear.
Kiss her patient full on the mouth.
Force feed peanut butter M&M's to her patient (probably because she wanted some herself)
Tell her patient "Wake up! Sun up! Wake up!"
Lay on top of her patient.
Put her baby's paci in the patient's mouth.

Don't you agree that she's an excellent nurse?

We made it through this morning. Funny how eight weeks of pregnancy are gone in less than 1 hour.

At my OB's office, there are three doctor's who deliver babies. During a patient's pregnancy, you rotate through so you meet each doctor. When I was pregnant with M, I, of course, did the same. I happen to like my doctor the best--the one who takes care of my yearly exams, etc. I saw my own doctor yesterday, Dr. B. When he asked when we wanted to schedule the procedure, I said this morning. He was out of the office today, so he asked if I minded if one of the other doctors did it. Truly, I didn't care because I couldn't bear the thought of waiting until Monday. Dr. D had time this morning and the operating facility had an open OR, so everything worked out for 8:30 this morning.

I had the greatest care. Both times I've been to this facility, I couldn't ask for better care. Everyone is compassionate. When the nurse rolled me into the OR, Dr. D. was waiting on me. He asked how I was doing and if I'd thought of any questions since seeing Dr. B. the day before. I said no.
He said, "I know this is your second miscarriage in just a few months. When you come in to see one of us next week, we're going to have a plan for your next pregnancy."

WHAT??? Dr. B said basically there was no plan. Dr. D. said we'd make a plan.

A plan, a plan! All I need is a plan! Plan is my magic word!!!

Everyone was so kind in the waiting room. There are a million people in there. I'm always surprised by that. I got a little upset after I was strapped on the table and shed some tears before I drifted off to sleep. The sweet anesthesiologist student wiped my tears away.

When I was done and in recovery, Dr. D. went out to see H. He told H that everything went exceptionally well. H asked about scarring since this is number two. He said that because this was a blighted ovum, he had to do absolutely no scraping, which is what causes scaring. He also told H that next time that I get a positive pregnancy test, I need to come to the office right away to start getting hormone shots. That wouldn't have helped this time, but it might help next time.

Hope in the darkness.


Matt & Kadie Laughlin said...

Plans!! I love them too! Was praying for you this morning, and I am thrilled to read your post and to be able to hear the hope that God has placed in you. I know that things aren't anywhere near better, but HOPE in and from the Lord is an amazing sustainer!

Kyla said...

Oh Natalie. I'm so sorry. I hope the plan works, friend.

Christina said...

I ache for your loss...but I rejoice that you can see the beginning of a rainbow through the rain.

P.S. M's nursing style sounds quite similar to another little girl I know!

Arizaphale said...

What a gift a positive doctor can be! Now you mention it, I think a blighted ovum was what I had too. Still, at least they have some suggestions for next time.