Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My body began to hurt sometime Friday afternoon. After the D&C. I even asked Dwayne if they had to cath me. He didn't think so.

Saturday: More pain, but not unbearable. I wondered if I just didn't remember the pain from the fall (September).

Sunday: More pain. Controllable with tylenol.

Monday: Considerable amount of pain. Tylenol not working so well, but not letting it get out of control.

I was EAGER for Thursday to arrive so I could tell the doctor that I was hurting. I really thought I'd over done it by going back to work so fast.

Tuesday: His nurse called me today to check on me. As we were talking, I realized I have a UTI. I had classic symptoms, just wasn't putting two and two together.
The pain was unbearable today. Tylenol was no longer doing anything to control the pain. The nurse was so sweet. She was concerned that I hadn't called on Monday to get some medicine. I told her that I just thought it was discomfort from the procedure. She said the procedure could have caused the UTI.
The nurse called in an antibiotic. Relief, at last.

The best part of the entire ordeal is that my medicine only costs $4!!!

I'm pushing fluids as much as I can and pray this UTI passes very, very quickly. I'm so uncomfortable. My heart breaks that M felt this way just a few weeks ago.


Christina said...

You poor thing! It's just one thing after another. I'm glad the meds kicked in fast at least.

Kyla said...

Oh no! Glad they've caught it, though.

Arizaphale said...

Crikey you are having a bad time.
I well remember the pain of UTI although after a dose of SERIOUS heavy duty antibiotics about 20 years ago I haven't had another bout. Praying that you are feeling better REAL soon.