Friday, April 11, 2008

Phrase Friday

I've got a million posts I could write about M, but the one from my student takes the cake this week.

I teach mostly African-American children. In fact, this year my class is entirely AA, except for one little Caucasion kid. (None of that matters except it makes this story particularly funny.)

One of my little girls is as round as she is tall. She cheers on a competition team and does a fair amount of traveling to attend different meets. She left early Thursday to attend a meet several hours away at a fairly well known beach town. Another student asked this little girl why she was going to the beach.

Girl A: Why are you going to the beach?
Round cheerleader: BIG sigh, "I guess I'll catch some waves."

I have NEVER in my life heard something quite as humorous as that. Considering it sounded SO surfer-girlish and came from this little round brown-skinned girl. And her tone was SO dead-pan. As in, "Oh, poor me...I guess I'll just have to catch some waves."

I've sat down every night this week to post. We're doing fine. Recovering from our trip to the hospital. H and I were so very, very thankful that my parents could come stay with us for a few days so M didn't have to go back to school until Wednesday. She was thrilled to see her friends again when she did get back to school.

This weekend is a major conference for the women of my church. We have a magnificent speaker. Tonight was just amazing. I can't wait to hear more tomorrow.

That's about all here. I'm tired and nauseous and my, ah, well, somethings up top are very sore. All in all, I'm still pregnant, I think.


Maggie said...

Too funny!

Glad to hear that everyone in your house is on the mend! When is your first OB appointment?

Kyla said...

That's cute! I'm so glad M is better.

Christina said...

LOL, that's a funny one. Poor kid, suffering on the beach. Ha!
I'm so glad the Bensom house has returned to health!
I posted some funny Nadia-isms yesterday. :o)

Arizaphale said...

All good signs!!!! Good to see/hear you up and around again. Funny little cheerleader!! Good for her though. I always get the impression from movies that cheerleaders have to be this perfect stereotype. Glad there's room for everybody :-)

Colleen said...

Tired and nauseous are only positives during pregnancy. Definitely good signs.

melody is slurping life said...

Wait?! Pregnant?! I can't find a post that announces that. When did this happen? I am thrilled!!!!!!!

I am also praying with all my soul. Take care, sweet friend.