Monday, April 28, 2008


Rainy mornings lead to beautiful afternoons around here.

M and I were swinging on the hammock about 10 minutes ago.

M: Oops, careful with Mommy's tummy. My baby sister in dere.
Me: M, remember, Mommy told you that God needed our baby in heaven.
M: Baby sister not in you tummy?
Me: No, there is no baby in my tummy anymore.
M: Why?
Me: Because that little baby wasn't the perfect baby for our family. God will send us the perfect baby when His time is right.
M: No baby in you tummy?
Me: No, no baby in my tummy.
M: I miss that baby.

(Gentle breeze blows some leaves and flowers from the trees)

M: Look, Mommy! My trees falling down!

And the tender moment was gone.


Maggie said...

Sometimes kids can be the sweetest - especially toddlers. I hope that the future brings the answers to all of your hopes and prayers.

Colleen said...

One day your sweet girl will have that perfect baby brother or sister she so deserves. It'll happen.

Kyla said...

Ooof. My heart.

Christina said...

Oh Natalie! That is the sweetest. I love how you explained to her, and her sweetness is endearing. Indeed, God will send the perfect little one for your family in His time.

Arizaphale said...

And explaining it to them helps us to come to terms with it ourselves.
(tender moment gone)
But they have no sense of occasion do they? :-D

ZachB said...

She is to cute. I love my niece M. I can't wait to see yall again. I am praying for you guys every night. When you get a chance read my blog. I have started blogging again. I will keep it up this time. LOVE YOU