Friday, June 27, 2008


In thirteen posts, I'll have a little bloggy prize going on! This is my 387th post. On my 400th post, I plan on doing a little something special.

Unfortunately, I can't remember anything great for Phrase Friday this week. I was so wrapped up with Vacation Bible School that I think I missed lots of funny M sayings. There are times like that, I suppose. I'm looking forward to this week and spending some quiet time with M. We need to get our groove back. I've missed dancing with her, listening to her babble, and answering her millions of questions each day.

H and I helped my dear friend cater a fun event this evening. The menu was divine and completely against my diet, but I gave in and ate and ate and ate. There are times like that, I suppose. I'm really looking forward to getting back on my diet. I felt so much better when I was eating well and exercising. My goal is still to run in the Labor Day 5K. I really, really, REALLY need to begin training for that. Zach and I ran three days when I was visiting in Savannah--I felt great and I enjoyed that time with him. I'm sure I'd enjoy that time praying and listening to my iPod, so I need to get back to it.

I'm off to check on some of your lives now. I can't wait to see what's been going on! Don't forget to check out my new blog, War of Words if you are interested!


Maggie said...

I need to get back into running myself. I LOVE it, but when things get crazy, that always seems to be the first thing to go. Which is totally when I need it the most.

So, if you ask me next week and I don't report resumption of running, and don't have the excuse that I lost a leg or something, you have my permission to slap me silly. Which I'm sure won't be too hard or anything - you have an arm that can span half the country, right?

Golightly said...

My Fav Phrase will get up in the morning. Friday got busy. Run - Girl - Run!! (I was never a jogger/runner) but I envy those who are.

Andi said...

My friend, I love how disciplined you are being. I can also understand why you slipped at the catering event; her food is ALWAYS divine! I was never a runner either, nor have I ever had the desire to run. I much prefer walking, especially on the beach. I told my father that I would have no problem if we lived near the ocean. (He and I walk several miles each morning every time we are at the beach.) It's when I return home that I can not seem to continue- I can NEVER make it as far on my stupid treadmill!
I am still so proud of you...keep up the good work! I will come and cheer for you on Labor Day :)

Arizaphale said...

I had MacDonald's three times last wee. It is a week since my last confession..........