Friday, June 6, 2008

Phrase Friday

Yikes! I can't believe I didn't post all week. I have SO much to write about. SO MUCH! But I don't have the time to write it and I'm sure you don't have the time or inclination to read it. So, I'm just going to fast forward to Phrase Friday.

M has been in rare form lately. We seem to be moving past the whole whining thing, but we still struggle during parts of our day. I'm finding this age very hard to discipline. We'd eased into a rather comfortable place where she knew the rules and knew the consequences. But no more. She's rapidly expanding her boundaries--she's taking risks and exerting her independence. I'm constantly searching for that place between "she knows the rules on this, thus needs to be disciplined" and "this is new for her, so I need to teach her (training)." I feel sort of out of sync as the mother. Yet, there are so many things I love about this age.

For example:

--I was working on the computer yesterday. M was playing with her baby, "baby sister," on the bed. I heard her saying, "sh, sh, sh, sh." When I turned around to check on her, she said, "SHHH, Mommy! Baby Sister is twying to sweep!" (trying to sleep)

Two minutes later, I heard pretend crying. I turned around to see what THAT was about, she promptly told me, "Baby sister is drinking milk from my tummy."

--H needed his flashlight the other evening, but couldn't find it. M and I were guilty of playing with it several weeks ago. He was quite aggrevated with us!


"MY. DON'T. KNOW." (exaggerated pause between each word)

--As we got into the car after visiting a friend, "Mommy, OB will read me this book Friday." Too bad we won't see OB on Friday. And where in the world did she learn the word Friday? (OB is my father.)

--After getting in trouble with a friend, "M and N wake Baby M up. Mit Susie vewy angwy."

--As I was cleaning the table and M was eating dinner, she said, "Mommy, you say, YES SIR to me!"


Andi said...

My gosh, I've missed you...I was beginning to worry! What CUTE favorite is "mommy, you say yes sir to me..." oh. my. goodness. What a cutie pie!!! And that photo! TOO precious...
Call me and we can commiserate...I am having trouble with the discipline of a 19 year old; somehow, I think we have the same problem! Hugs and kisses to the Bensons...

Christina said...

She and my N are two sides of the same coin! I can imagine all those phrases coming out of her mouth, too. "Mommy you sy YES SIR to me." hahaha! "My. Don't. Know." What a riot.

I am totally there with you in the discipline quandry, too. This age is tough...and i have a feeling it only gets tougher.

Kyla said...

She's quite the character!

Arizaphale said...

YES SIR M!!!! How could we refuse? And don't worry Nat and does get easier :-)

Susie and Joe said...

yikes... m busted me! i promise i was just stern!!!