Monday, June 30, 2008

A few funnies

In place of MBS, I've got a few mama stories for you.

This one is just pure mama pride. For a few days this summer, I've let M run around in a t-shirt and bare on the bottom. She's more interested in trying the whole potty thing when the air is there. Today we had a sweet friend over who is 4 1/2, so obviously potty trained. When he went to the bathroom, M decided she needed to try, too. So off her diaper came and she tee-teed on the potty. I just put her shorts on with no diaper. When it was time to meet H for dinner, she wanted to wear big girl underpants. I dressed her in a big girl get-up and off we went. I'm thrilled to report that not only did we NOT have an accident at the restaurant, but she tee-teed in the restroom there! YAHOO!!!

On the way home from the restaurant, M was her normal chatterbox self. I needed some quiet, so I kept saying, "Hush," every single time she tried to talk to me. She got quiet for about 3 seconds (that's her record right now). Then I heard her whispering, "Natalie...Natalie....NATALIE...NATALIE..." I suppose when Mama doesn't work, try the other name.

During bathtime tonight, I was being a responsible parent and checking my e-mail while she was soaking. (My bedroom is DIRECTLY across the hall from the bathroom. Two giant steps and I can see her.) I heard her say something about her soap. When I went to check on her (she'd only been alone for about 2 minutes), she was pouring sudsy bubbles out of her used-to-be-nearly-full bathwash container. She decided she needed more bubbles and emptied her bathwash into the tub.

These are our days right now. From the moment we wake up until the moment I put her down, she's into something. I'm not exactly sure who abducted my daughter, but could you PLEASE send her back?

All my pictures last week were related to VBS. Since I don't have permission to post other people's children, I'm abstaining from posting MBS this week. It makes me a tad sad because I had some GREAT shots that are worthy of being shared. However, I'd like to protect the identity of the other children.

I'll be posting at War of Words later this evening. I'm going to get aggressive with the Wii Fit now and then scrapbook until I'm ready for bed.


Andi said...

I missed you for BSM this week, but those stories are simply priceless!!! I love love love that she called you Natalie...oh, it made me hoot with laughter. Aubrey calls me Andria sometimes now, but that it SO different that hearing your toddler do that. LOL!! I really do love reading stories about her; I miss you guys too! You know that you will wonder who abducted your daughter several more times throughout her life in the next coming years, well into teenager time! I was CONVINCED that someone snatched my girl and left me with someone I just did not know...ha,ha
Hope your trip is fun...and relaxing. Talk to you soon.

Colleen said...

Yeah M!!! Way to potty!

Zoe has done that with the bath bubbles too. I will admit I'm guilty of leaving her "alone" while I fold laundry in my room or tidy up her room. So don't feel bad about that.

Christina said...

"From the moment we wake up until the moment I put her down, she's into something."

That is totally true of another little girl I know - name begins with "N." It's a good thing they're so cute, huh? She does the same same with calling by my name, too