Saturday, June 28, 2008

Restless Night

H and I helped our friend cater last night, so M was with a sitter. When I picked her up, I visited for a while. We got home around 10:00. She was asleep around 10:30---WAY past her bedtime. WAY, WAY, WAY past her bedtime. She was wired.

I'm not exactly sure what time she finally fell asleep, but around 1:00, I was awakened by the most pitiful crying. Was I compassionate? Oh, no. I was horribly aggrevated that I was woken up! I went to M's room, started her music again, turned on her mobile and left. I'm not sure I even gave her a kiss. I went to the bathroom, climbed back into bed, pulled the sheets up to my ears--only to hear frantic crying this time.

I returned to M's room with every intention on being a mean mommy and telling her to GO TO SLEEP. Then I smelled a peculiar odor. Like the wettest diaper or a big doggie accident. Our lab hasn't had an accident in years. When I touched M, she was wet from the bottom of her pajama shorts to the middle of her back. Her sheet was soaked. I have no idea what happened, but she had completely wet through her diaper all over EVERYTHING. I don't know if her diaper was crooked or if her bladder was just that full.

So...I did what all good mothers do. I changed her, left her wet diaper and pajamas on the floor in her room, left the wet sheet on her crib and brought her into my bed. I was just too tired to deal with it last night. I do not believe in co-sleeping, however sometimes there are emergencies and my exhaustion constituted an emergency last night!

I couldn't find her pacifier in her bed last night when I brought her into my room, so I told her to go to sleep without it. Which she did. I was so excited--I was going to find her ONE pacifier this morning and throw it out. Guess who found it first? Yep....M. She found it first thing this morning.

During breakfast I suggested that she give her pacifier to her baby cousin (who will arrive in a few short weeks!).
"Mommy, let's just buy my cousin a new one."

Yeah...getting rid of this pacifier is going to be a major challenge!

Please don't call the house between 12:30 and 3:00ish. We're going to be napping. In our own beds.

Oh, I need to go move the sheets to the dryer now.


Andi said...

What an evening...we all napped at similar times today; in fact, I think the husband is still asleep! I better go check on him! Hope your evening is much less restless tonight!! ;)

Christina said...

We have had nights like that. Complete with the less-than-gentle responce from me. Bedtime has been really tough lately, and I feel awful that I'm getting so brusque with her. But anyway, bringing her to bed with you was definitely the right decision (sweet snuggles!) and I hope you got your nap tody!

Colleen said...

We still have our binkies. They really need to go... but I'm not up for the struggle right now.