Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This post goes in the "other stuff" category. Maybe even in the "learn more about Natalie" category.

Before I became a teacher 8 *gasp* years ago, I thought I knew a lot of stuff. I really thought I knew a lot about a lot.

Teaching really teaches you how much you did not know.

I'm teaching Vacation Bible School this year. In the past, my task was to escort my little angels from one fun-filled station to another. This year, the "teacher" is responsible for the Bible story and the missions lesson. I have my very own teacher's guide that contains the Bible story, lesson activities, and background information. We're using a curriculum called Faith Expedition which focuses on biblical heroes and a specific aspect of their faith.

I am learning so much! I'll be the first to admit that Bible knowledge is not one of my smarts. Now that I am a Sunday School teacher (for the 2s and 3s) and have taught 4 and 5 year old VBS, my thirst for Scripture is insatiable. I'm reading and teaching stories and my knowledge is growing exponentially.

Today our biblical hero was David. Even for the youngest students at VBS, the stories are in-depth. The story begins when David is a young shepherd. His faith is so strong that he believes the Lord will protect him from the bears and lions that often threaten his sheep. In fact, he will do anything to protect his sheep because he knows the Lord will protect him. He one time chases a lion that has grabbed one of his flock, kills the lion with his sling and rescues the sheep from the lion's mouth. David trusts the Lord to take care of the small stuff. When David's brothers were fighting the Philistines, his father asks him to take food to them. David readily agrees. He goes to the battlefield, food in hand. As he approaches, he hears a Philistine mocking the Israelites and their God. He asked "Who is this man that mocks our God?" King Saul overhears David's questions and sends for him. Eventually, King Saul concedes to send David to battle the giant, Goliath, BECAUSE OF DAVID'S FAITH IN GOD. Normally at this point in the story, I focus on David's courage, his bravery, etc. As I prepared for my lesson today, I realized that I should focus on David's FAITH. He knew, even as a young man, that God would provide for him in His way. David gathered five little stones from a brook near the battlefield. Even when Goliath laughed and mocked him, David stood firm in his knowledge that the Lord would provide. David placed a stone in his sling and threw it at the giant. Imagine, a young man without armor, with only a sling and a stone, being laughed at and mocked, calm and assured in his faith. God was there in that moment causing that little stone to find the hole in the giant's armor. God provided for David, just as he knew He would.

The faith of a mustard seed. The faith and comfort that God will provide. The faith that God's will is only for good for those that believe in Him. That is the faith for which I seek.

Oh, please pray for us. We're actively in the "trying to increase our family" phase.


Andi said...

My prayers are with you. I believe...

Jeff and Julia said...

So glad the Lord is increasing your hunger for him. I'm praying for your family to multiply, too!

Arizaphale said...

LOve the story opf david and Goliath. Prayers for your efforts. (heeheehee)