Saturday, January 12, 2008

365 Project: Our Favorite Things

H's remote control and his poker tumblers.

UGA. Enough said.

H's tools. ENOUGH said. (There is a funny story about this...will tell another time)

M's sweet night-nights. There are actually four here. She sleeps with all four of them EVERY time she goes to sleep: naps, night time, anytime. I'll miss the days when she doesn't need these any more (except the paci, which is "bwoke").

This week, I obviously took pictures of things that were important to the two other members of my family. This week I'm challenge myself to take pictures of things that are important to me and to be thoughtful about it.

I skipped two days this week taking pictures because life was so busy, so I'm dedicated to taking a picture every day this coming week.

I'll be checking around on your 365 Projects! I can't wait to see what everyone else is doing!

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Kyla said...

That's great!

KayTar has this revolving set of loveys, #1 is always her Gee, but her second, third, fourth, and sometimes fifth demands change a bit from day to day. Always pulled from the same pool of "characters" as she says it. "Which ones your faborite character, Mommy? Which one?" Sometimes she tells me I'm her favorite character. :)

Christina said...

Oh! I LOVE the picture of M's nightnights! That is so precious, and it's sure to be cherished in the years to come. I know how you feel, as I think I will be devestated when Nadia moved on from dear ol' TedBear.

Nice angle on the tools shot, too.

I'll have mine up shortly. it would be up now, except Blogger is giving me some problems at the moment.

Devin said...

Hi! Great pics. I went to graduate school at UGA. Go DAWGS!

Maggie said...

Oh I LOVE the idea of a favorite things week - what a great idea! I am totally going to remember that so I can steal it!

Kimberly said...

Still liking the idea of the 365 challenge. Now if only I can REMEMBER to do it. LOL!

Love the shot of M's night nights. Sweet. :)