Thursday, January 3, 2008

Meme about M!

Hi everyone!

Believe it or not, my mommy actually lets me type sometimes. I just have to ask REAL sweet like this "My type, PEESE?" I was so excited when my friend Zoe tagged ME, yes, ME for a meme. I jumped up and down for a while and then I thought real hard about what to tell you. Here are the rules:

Each player makes a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves.
At the end of your list, choose eight people to tag and list their names.
Leave them a comment on each of their websites to let them know that they have been tagged.
The people tagged will write a post on their own website about their eight things, post these rules, and tag eight others.So... here are my 8 things.

1.) My real name is Meryt Sherrill Benson. My mom and dad picked out the name Meryt a LONG time ago after my mom read this great book (so she says...I'm not big enough to read it yet) called The Red Tent. Sherrill is my Nona's maiden name (and my GiGi's last name). My mom loves my Nona and my GiGi a WHOLE lot and wanted to use that special name. You know where they got Benson. (Oh, my mom says she's going to delete my name tomorrow, so you'd better remember it!)

2.) My mom and dad are so silly. When I was growing in my mommy's tummy, they thought they were going to have a boy baby!! They named that baby Gable and loved him very much...they rubbed my mommy's tummy all the time while they talked to Gable. I sure did wonder who Gable was, but I just went with it. They were so surprised when they found out I was a little girl!!! Good thing they had a name on reserve for me. They loved me as soon as they found out about me, thank goodness.

3.) When I was born, I had one crooked foot. The doctor called it a club foot. My daddy says my foot looked just like a golf club! I had to wear lots of casts, have surgery, wear funny shoes with a bar connecting them, and then I got a neato brace that was blue with beautiful butterflies!! I only wore it for a few months. I don't remember any of that, but there are lots of pictures.

4.) I LOVE to play tricks. I love to run away from people and have them chase me. Even my funny chocolate lab, Mocha, plays this game with me! I love to chase Mocha around the house with my popping vacuum cleaner because she runs away real fast and then she barks at me. I love to pretend to cry so my mommy will give me lots of play kisses. I love to pretend to go to sleep and then wake up and squeal. I love to hide behind my hands and say "pee-pie!"

5.) I like to tell my mommy which way to drive. I know the words left and right so I tell her "turn RIGHT!" or "turn LEFT!" Can you believe that sometimes she goes the way I tell her??? Sometimes, she doesn't, though. (I happen to know my left and right feet, but I can't seem to get my hands.)

6.) I go to school with only boys. I'm the only girl. That means I have to boss them around a lot. One day when we were going to the door, I could hear one of the boys crying. I told my mommy and she didn't believe it was that boy. Of course I know which boy it was! I listen to those boys cry ALL DAY LONG. On a side note, I hate taking a nap at school. It drives my mommy and my teacher CRAZY. I don't know why I hate it, but I just do.

7.) I love to read. I have TONS of books. Before I was born, my mommy didn't have a lot of books for me. Boy, oh, boy did she ever make up for that. I don't think I've even read all the books I have. Sometimes my mommy thinks I'm being bad because she can't hear me playing. She'll come racing into the room, but I'm just sitting there reading to myself. She likes to see me do that.

8.) I can recognize a lot of cars. I know my friend Wowa's car. I know my daddy's car. I know my OB and Nona's car. I know my teacher's car. When we drive down the street, I point to the cars I know and tell my mommy who they belong to. When we went to Chick-fil-A, there were two blue vans. I knew RIGHT away which one belonged to Wowa and Mannie. I think I surprise my mom when I tell her these things. Jeesh...what does she think I am? A dumb bunny?

So, these are eight random things about me (Yes, I can count to eight). I don't know who to tag because all my mommy's blog friends have been tagged. I think I'll tag Melody's three boys. I might ask my mommy to edit this blog thingy if I can think of any more.

Edited: I got RIBBED because Mrs. Pruitt's girls weren't tagged. Excuse me, Mrs. Pruitt, UPDATE your blog more and I'll GLADLY tag you!!! *lots of smiles and internet hugs coming to you* So, M tags her sweet friends the Sweet P's...the cutest little red-headed girls you have EVER seen in your life. One cute story: When the oldest P met M, M was wearing her shoes with the bar. Mrs. Pruitt told the oldest P about the shoes so she would sort of know what to expect. When she saw M and the shoes, she said, "Oh,'ve got to get me a pair just like them!" That sweet, precious angel-face had no idea they were corrective shoes!!! She just liked the shiny red bar. Oh, Pruitt2it...I miss you guys so much.


Colleen said...

These were fun posts... I think maybe we should let the toddlers type more often!

Golightly said...

Loved the Red Tent, too. Some day she'll read that and enjoy it as much as you did.

Maybe I should let Harrison type, he does have a lot to say. And he likes to point the way for me to drive as well.

Christina said...

These posts are SO much fun! I can't wait to see what Nadia has to say when she takes her turn. :o)

Meryt, you seem like such a fiesty little thing! You and Nadia would be best buddies. I love the meaning of your middle name! And I think it's funny that your Mommy and Daddy thought you were a boy - maybe your mommy can tell the rest of that story sometime?

Arizaphale said...

I had no idea you too had spent time in a cast when you were little, just like Zoe but maybe not quite so messy? I bet your Mum and Dad were glad when you could get it off!!