Saturday, January 26, 2008

365 Project

Math at school: lots of manipulatives as students are learning to subtract with and without regrouping!

Another image of the letters on my overhead. That was such a fun project.

A tad bit unusual. M was so cute in her car seat one afternoon. I couldn't resist trying to take a picture in the little mirror I have to look at her. She likes to play "peek-a-boo" in the mirror. She'll look all around and wait until she catches my eye in the mirror. "Mommy! Pee-a-boo!"

These aren't dated because I don't remember exactly which day I took these pictures. I know I only posted six this week, but I took LOTS of pictures at school this week that reveal a little bit too much about my class that I feel might violate the privacy of my students. I'm just a too uncomfortable posting them on this semi-anonymous blog. I hope you understand that.

I'm not sure I want to give myself a challenge this week. I want to continue working on composition and becoming a more artistic photographer. Hm...maybe I'll give myself an easy challenge: take a picture of the every day things this week. The things we do every day: feeding the dog, brushing our teeth, cooking dinner. One little problem I'm noticing is that when I post pictures during the week, I don't want to repost the same images for 365 Project. While I DEFINITELY took more than 7 pictures this week, I only like a few from the same situation or setting. I think I'll also try taking only ONE picture of each every day thing I want to post...that really increases the challenge. I have to purposefully capture the image I want. Oh, yes...that will be my challenge: to take ONE picture each day of our every day life and post those--terrible, great, artistic, boring. I can take other pictures, but only ONE for 365 Project.
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Kyla said...

Great photos. Those overhead shots are just awesome.

I'm so slacking on taking photos of the kids every day.

Christina said...

The rearview mirror shot is great! I have one like that of Nadia from...oh, nearly a year ago probably! I should take a new one.
I'm having the same problem - I'm having to consciously hold pictures back in order to post them for 365.
I love your challenge this week...I think I'll do the same thing!