Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I've thought all day about posting. Do I really have a New Year's Resolution? What's the point? I make them...mostly the same every year...and never seem to keep them.

2007 is such a blur:
Graduate school
The class from hell (2006-2007)
The class I love so much (2007-2008)
Busy, busy, busy, busy, and more busy

I suppose I don't really have a resolution so much as I am determined to SIMPLIFY our lives.

Here is my plan to simplify:
1.) Not over committing. I am going to learn to say the word NO. I'm not going to do anything unless I want to do it or my family wants to do it.
2.) I am going to get completely out of credit card debt. Completely. I might have to cut back a lot, but by the end of the year, NO MORE CREDIT CARD DEBT.
3.) I'm going to get us healthy. I don't have a clear plan for this quite yet, but I plan on returning to the gym and cooking at home A LOT more. I'll need H's help with this, but I feel certain he'll support me and have some great suggestions. (Eat at home=save money)
4.) I'm going to declutter. This will help in several ways. I'm going to use up my scrap booking supplies before I buy more (save money!), I'm only going to buy things we NEED and I'm going to get rid of things we don't need. I'm also going to keep track of how many outfits M needs for each season. I tend to completely overbuy for her (save more money!). I'm going to declutter our house. I want my home to be peaceful and manageable. I don't want a lot of extra "stuff" around all the time. I have piles everywhere. I'm going to slowly and methodically go through our house and declutter.

All of these things go back to one thing: simplifying our lives.

Praise the Lord.

Edited to add:
I've already started simplifying. I just paid January bills and cleaned out my bill drawer. I threw away medical insurance information from 2004. Why did I still have that???

I'm also going to participate in a 365 project. I'm going to take at least one picture every single day for a year. Once a week, I'll post pictures of my weekly pictures. I'd love for someone else to participate with me! Or at least hold me accountable. On days when I have nothing else to photograph, I'll take pictures of one of two things: either my desk or my refrigerator!


carrie said...

natalie -
i think that is a pretty intimidating list, but I think you can do it! good luck - i'm with you on so many of them!

Christina said...

Those are wonderful goals. I definitely will join you in the quest to simplify and declutter. It seems that everywhere I look, there is clutter! And...I have been thinking about doing the 365 Project too. Not ready for SPs, but I think I will do the "one random picture every single day" thing, too. Something other than Nadia! ;o)

dunliopdesigns said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! You're welcome to come by anytime you like. I love new blog friends!

Your goals sound a lot like mine. I really want to get my house peaceful and manageable too. I need to learn how to cook alot more at home too. so maybe can help each other and hold accountable one another.

best of luck with your goals! you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

you go girl...you know I love to clean out so let me know when you want help!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nat- You ALWAYS inspire me...I rarely make resolutions because I know that I will not keep them, but your list is a better way to live, not just a list. I have similar desires, and the better half would be THRILLED if I tried any one of the things on your list!
Thanks for helping me see the need.
Happy New Year to you, friend.

Kyla said...

Can you come declutter MY house? LOL. I'm working on it. And the 365 photo thing is tempting. I think I might do that.

Colleen said...

That looks like a wonderful list... and very possibly a do-able list!

Mom/Nona said...

Declutter- I love you my darling- it's just in the genes!! Mom

~Billie~ said...

I didn't really write down or set New Years resolutions this year. However, I believe if I had, it would have looked a lot like yours! Great list! You can do it!

Golightly said...

I'm all about simplify. Wish I could do the 365 project but for me, that would NOT simplify my life. LOL!

You can do it! :)

Bunny said...

I'm also hoping to do a 365 project. It doesn't matter that I think I already missed yesterday, right? Look for it on my Flickr, I haven't gotten anything going yet.

Arizaphale said...

Yay for # 2 and 3!!!! And if I attempted the 365 Project I would be flying RIGHT in the face of #1!!!!!
Unfortunately we will not be getting out of #2 anytime soon...but we can make a dent in it this year if we plan and reaaally try. :-)

Great list. Good luck!!