Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Simplify Update

Simplify: To make more simple. To make less complicated. To reduce.

I just want to use forum to commit myself, over and over again, to the idea of simplification. After taking a nibble and chewing on the idea for a week now, I realize "simplify" is sort of like when you learn something knew that makes you realize how much you didn't really know or how much more you have to learn.

My dishwasher is running right now. The sound of the water swishing around is so pleasing to me ear. It's whispering "Good job, faithful servant. Your task is complete." I know that tomorrow with each meal, dishes will fill the sink and wait for my attention. However, right now, in this moment, that task is finished. I have taken one step to simplify. And it also means that we've spent more time at home, less time away. One more meal was eaten together, in our space, on our schedule. This is the essence of simplify.

I yearn to hear other spaces in my house whisper their congratulations, as well. Some already rustle when I'm near, not quite whispering yet, but letting me know they are ready for the decluttering process, the mess before the final product. It's the process that cathartic.

My desk whispers, "Thank you, dear friend, for sitting here, keeping me company, and leaving me tidy for our next meeting." I hear the quiet rumblings throughout the house. Each space wanting, desiring, to be useful. My heart echoes those rumblings for our small space to be used fully.

So I'm ready, as a runner stands on her block before her race, to tackle one small project at a time. Dinner on the table, prepared at home, check. A trip to the gym to unwind, check. Piles of magazines removed from the house, check. Desk and sewing table cleared, check. Telling someone no, well...not quite a check yet, but I'll work on that.

Simplify. To make less complicated.


Kyla said...

Good for you!

Stacy said...

Good job Natalie! I know I feel so much less stressed when the house is clean-ish. My standards have lowered somewhat over the years, but cluttered spaces just make me see work I have to do. If they are at least tidy I have less stress.

Planning my meals out also really helps me simplify my life. I don't have to guess at what groceries we need and I know what dinner is going to be. This helps me immensely.

Christina said...

I love this post, Natalie! Such great imagery, of your clean spaces whispering thier thanks. It sounds like you are doing doing great in your quest to simplify! I am making progress too. :o)

Arizaphale said...

I'm still struggling with the concept of simplify. Can you tell me first what makes your life complicated? And what is the difference between complicated and busy? Or complicated and messy? I am really interested..not just having a laugh. I would like to consider the idea myself.

~Billie~ said...

Wonderful post! Very inspiring too! I think we all could use a little more simplicity in life.