Sunday, January 20, 2008

Simplification update

I love lists, so I'll do this in list form.

1.) My sewing table is STILL decluttered! YAHOO!!

2.) I've only made a few necessary purchases on my credit card....they were necessary. I'll pay a little extra next month to cover the charges.

3.) My desk is moderately decluttered...need to get control of it again.

4.) No gym this week, but the weather was completely crummy and I had a few evening commitments, to time was limited. I'm going tomorrow morning and will schedule a few more visits during the week. Did I mention that I'm "training" (in the loosest sense possible) for the local Labor Day road's a 5K. My goal is to be able to run at least one mile of it and walk in the middle, but finish with a good run.

5.) I only went to bed with dirty dishes in the sink one evening this week. Every other night, I ran the dishwasher just prior to coming upstairs.

6.) I think my effort to "simplify" is rubbing off on my husband. Don't tell anyone, might be a fluke. He's sitting downstairs in the middle of all his tools, organizing them and putting them back in their appropriate spots. Half of the utility closet is in the den. He swears he'll have it all put up before he comes up to bed. I think I even saw him throw something away, but I didn't check the garbage for the proof.

On another note:
I finished my project that I mentioned in my 365 Project picture. I took pictures of it tonight, so I'll post one later this week.

I feel like I'm in a totally creative place right now. There are many times when I'm so dry--no creative thoughts, aimlessly looking at my supplies, yearning for some idea to come to me. Rarely do I feel the energy like right now. I made a list of the projects I want to work on and will add to it as ideas come to me so I can have a list when I re-enter the desert of creativity and I'm all used up. I want to sew (have ideas in my head for several outfits for M). I'm dying to scrapbook some of my favorite pictures (even have a layout or two planned). I need to make some cards (know EXACTLY what I want to d0). I'm working on a special project for a spring birthday and I just don't want to stop working on it--I even started early so I could pace myself. I bought a book to alter for my inspiration book--I'm going to glue articles from my myriad of magazines in it and donate the magazines to the art room at school. My ultimate goal is to read the magazines as they come in, tear out the articles that I want, put them in this book and take the magazine to school the next day--no clutter!

So, what are you up to? Where are you with your projects? Homework? Talk to me...


Maggie said...

Good for you!

I am jealous of your creativity. I am working on scrapbooks but not getting nearly as far as I would like. But I am also not forcing myself to sit and work on them, so I have a feeling those two things are probably related!

I have found that the best thing for me to do is to make sure that all the dishes are done before I go to bed at night, so that the kitchen is clean when I wake up. I also force myself to take ten minutes to pick up anything that is laying around or out of place - I can't really relax if I know there is clutter around, so going through and doing a quick pick up really helps.

Kyla said...

You're doing great!

I'm finally feeling better so yesterday and today have been used to stripping beds and disinfecting the house. I am SO sick of being SICK! I'm just about done with that, so then I'll just have laundry left to take care of...and reading for school. Fuuuuuun. ;)

Christina said...

You are doing awesome, Natalie! Sounds like you're really on top of everything, and those successes are already spilling over into the rest of your life to help you feel more relaxed and creative. I am envious of all your creative juices! Great idea to write all your ideas down, for the more creatively dry periods. You go, girl!

Susie and Joe said...

wow! i am impressed with your "decluttering"! way to go nat! i am proud of you! also, way to rub off on dwayne! hilarious!

thanks so much for keeping noah today! i really appreciate it! your the best!

melody is slurping life said...

I am up to being impressed. Go woman go! I need to be sure to read daily to be inspired...cuz I am so not at the moment.

Arizaphale said...

You are an inspiration. My only creative project at the moment is getting through the days.....