Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Flower Power

Wow! Double WOW!

A few days ago (more like a week now), my super-sweet friend Colleen sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Imagine my complete and utter surprise to find that I'd received another bunch from my OTHER super sweet friend Christina. You might be thinking to yourself, they're just giving each other flowers because they all have toddler girls. But you'd be surprised. I've never met these ladies, and probably never will, but I get such a thrill when I get an sweet e-mail from one of them asking about me or my girl. We do have so much in common because we've got toddler girls, but we're FRIENDS. The kind of friends where you can cry when you're e-mailing, cry when they e-mail back, cry because your heart is broken or even breaking for them. Cry because you're worried about them (hospital stays) or because you're thrilled at their good news (pregnancy).

When I started this blog a year or so ago, it was simply to participate in MBS. I had no intentions of it being a mommy blog or a family blog or an online journal--and maybe it's still really not those things.

But it has become my voice:

where I speak to people who CARE about what's going on in this strange world of mine.

where I can find advice and laughter and common ground with strangers.

where I can be ME in my pajamas, my party clothes, my "I just wanna stay home all day" clothes.

Sure, I would love nothing more than to call my bloggy friends and ask them over for a cup of Vanilla Jasmine tea and fresh doughnuts, but that's not really practical. So, I come here. To this common place. Where "a click away" really means "just around the block." And "hugs" are given with the click of the "post comment" button.

I'm passing my flowers along to:

Maggie and her ducklings because she's joining me on an incredible journey

Arizaphale because she gives the MOST incredibly truthful, REAL advice ever

Kyla because how many hard knocks can one person take and still be so darn positive and beautiful???

Stacy because I want to be like her...artistic, real, funny, real, creative, real, ideal, real, and smart and did I mention REAL?

Rose because her little guy is just the most ingenious little guy ever and I think I want M to marry him

Melody because she always is so intuitive about when I might need a little pick me up...and she's one of the funniest bloggers I know

and finally,

Mrs. P because she's my real-life-actually-met-her-friend and I miss her more than you could possibly imagine.

Come collect your flowers, my bloggy friends, from this garden we have made together. Your friendship, strange as it may be and unheard of in previous generations, means so, so much to me. I'm so very, very thankful for you.




Golightly said...

And my heart swelled again!

Thank you for the flowers, but more so for expressing what I was just thinking about this morning (Totally sleep deprived and cranky.) In all my crazy-business I've come to enjoy my time in blogging. It's become more than just a record for H. and our family. It's become friendships that I have been blessed with. Enough that if I met any of you in person, I would have that familiarity of seeing an old, dear friend. So again, thank you, friend.

(Now I have to go throw a "Harridin" in the tub!)

Colleen said...

A wonderful post! How true it all is.

Christina said...

Hugs, my friend. I am tearing up at your lovely words. You have put words to what I feel so eloquently!

Maggie said...

What a beautiful way to state how we all feel...thank you!

Kyla said...

Hey, look at that! I get flowers for the suckitude that has been this lovely new year! :) Thank you, Natalie.

And yes, these friendships might be strange...but they are very important in their own unique ways.

Stacy said...

Natalie, you are so sweet, my friend! Thank you for the flowers. Your post was exactly the way I feel, too. My friends here in real life don't show nearly the interest in our lives of my friends here in blogdom. I think it is because we have so much in common...toddlers, love of photography, love of crafting. It has been wonderful getting to know you. :)

Arizaphale said...

I just got here (late...haven't had much bloggin time in the last few days) and THANKS for my lovely flowers! Two bunches in one week...how cool is THAT?????? I didn't put you in my list cos I knew you'd already got a bunch...but I did mention you (did you see???) Aren't we lucky to have such a great community and so many vases at our sites :-D
Great sentiments expressed perfectly btw!