Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Letter Challenge

A new guy, Mike, stopped by MBS Monday. He offered up a challenge: a LETTER challenge. Oh, how the teacher in me jumped up and down for joy!!! There are no rewards, no contest, just fun. The challenge is simple: take pictures of letters where they might not be expected. I thought and thought about what I might want to do. The wannabe artist in me wasn't around today...I couldn't resist doing something a little more traditional. I did letters in my classroom. Here are magnetic letters placed on my overhead projector. I'm focusing on composition this week, so I worked with a shallow depth of field. H thinks this pictures is "freaky." I think I kind of like it.

I was so focused on the colored letters on the overhead screen that I didn't pay attention to the projection on my white board. I had to laugh when I turned around and saw shadow letters projected on my morning work for tomorrow. Never occured to me to practice phonics with the kids with magnetic letters on the overhead!! Learn something new everyday.

So, now that I've got you interested (I do, don't I?), go on over and visit my new friend Mike. He's got a fantastic photo up.

And don't forget Theme Thursday at Stacy's place tomorrow. Her theme is books. I'm having to supress teacher-giggles...letters and books in one week!!!

My very dear-real-life-friend has started a blog. You might have noticed her in my comments. Andi...she's completely delightful. Her words are beautiful as she is. If you have a moment, stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere. She's a wonderful addition to this world we (virtually) inhabit. I love you, sweet friend...welcome, welcome, welcome.

PS: Only five more posts before a FUN give-away. I'm working on something great. Tell EVERYONE to come on by.

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Kyla said...

Oh, I LOVE that first shot, Natalie. Love it!

Golightly said...

Mike is great, he's on my reader list and only posts once in a while. He has posted other BSM at Picture This but it has been a while. I love his challenge but haven't come up with anything.

I love what you did; you got a REALLY COOL shot of the letters on the overhead and then nailed the challenge with the second picture, too! Shadows of letter, not where one would expect them!

You go girl!!

Maggie said...

I love both of those shots -- what a great idea! I have been thinking about letters, but I haven't come up with anything good yet...

Christina said...

Awesome job! I love the shallow DOF and colors of the first, but the unexpected shadows of the second are really wonderful.

Megan said...

love the letters shots! i've been mulling this one over, too, but nothing as cool as yours :).

Arizaphale said...

That first shot is GREAT!!!!! And I totally thought you had them on the OHP just so you could teach phonics on the board!!!!! I was just thinking what a great idea and how could I use it with middle school!!!!!!