Friday, January 18, 2008

Phrase Friday

I had TONS of phrases, but of course because my life is so complicated, I couldn't remember any of them when I started to post this morning.

However, M, in her completely cute way, has given me a few things to write about now.

She wore a completely cute dress today and needed to wear tights with it. When I was helping her get dressed, I said, "M, let's put your tights on now."
"Types?" she said.
"No, tights" I replied with some emphasis on the T at the end.
"Oh, types. Okay. My wear types today."
They were the cutest types I've ever seen, that's for sure.

We ran a few errands after work today to get ready for the weekend. I called H on the way and she wanted to talk to Daddy. They talked for a good while before I took the phone away. H and I hung up, but M still wanted to talk to her daddy. So I just handed her the disconnected phone.
"Mommy...that phone BWOKE!"
Anything that doesn't work is bwoke. Just ask her about her paci. It's stil bwoke.


Kyla said...

Very cute!

Arizaphale said...

Here's one for you. The BA is away with her dad and staying at a friend's farm.

"Mum, mum, guess what we did? We went out on the quad bikes and 'hurdled' some cows!!!!!"

Now there's a mental picture :-D

Anonymous said...

3 Yr Old M has been drawing pictures on this Magna Doodle thing since we got back from NY. She drew a picture today and said it looked like a strawberry. "Look what I drew Mommy. . " She has been saying things like this all week. Well, today she drew a picture and S asked her what it was. She replied, "It's Mamma Marge with her head in a cow." Duh!

Golightly said...

Cute! How funny. Harrison loves the phone, too. When it doesn't work it's - Busted, Mommy!

Hey, our Fav Phrase went up late yesterday. I'm in the same boat, Harrison had several cute things come up (and one that has been on the shelf since Xmas) but I, too,forgot them in my "busy-ness" this week!

Christina said...

Nadia gets quite frustrated too if the phone "not work." Poor kids!
I also had a bunch of cute stuff to share,but of course it's all flied the coup.