Friday, January 25, 2008

Phrase Friday

I'm going to make myself a notebook this weekend because there were several phrases this week that I wanted to share, but they escape me as I'm trying to remember now.

Here is one from school. S is student (wearing a short sleeve shirt button all the way to his neck and a Valentine's Day tie).

S: Mrs. Benson, I wore this tie so you could take my picture.

Me: Take your picture for what?

S: To put it on the dotcom.

Me: (I busted out laughing) WHAT?

S: I wore this tie so you could take my picture and put it on the dotcom.

He wanted his picture on our class website, otherwise known as the dotcom.

If I remember sweet M's sayings, I'll edit after school. What fun things have you heard this week?

Just a little picture to tickle your funny bone: M's first pig tails!


Maggie said...

That is too cute -- I hope that you did take his picture for the class website!

And M's pigtails are ADORABLE! There are few things sweeter than those little bits of hair pulled up...

Kyla said...

Her pigtails! SQUEE!!

I have one of KayTar's to share. Last night after Josh tucked her in she called him back in and said "Daddy, can I want to watch television?" (she really said television, the big long word) and he said "No." and she said "Why noooooot?" (she has no clue what "why not" means, she just knows her brother says it after we say no. LOL) It cracks me up when she talks like a big girl, even if she doesn't know exactly what she is saying.

Andi said...

Oh, how precious! I still can not get over just how adorable your students are...
M's pigtales...oh,wee, how sweet!
I posted a "phrase Friday" though it is not NEARLY as cute. Enjoy your weekend! See you Saturday.

Christina said...

We did pigtails for the first time this week, too! Between a squirmy toddler and a mom that's not too good with hair, they were SO crooked...but CUTE! LOL!
Your students are too funny!

Arizaphale said...

Her hair is so fine. It is heart melting. Love your dotcom story!