Saturday, January 19, 2008

365 Project--Things I Love

I learned many things about myself as a photographer this week.

1.) I need to work on composing my shots. I need to be more thoughtful and conscientious as frame my pictures.

2.) I want to be more artistic with my shots. I've been trying to become more aware of what types of pictures I take. I find that I'm too predictable. There is very little that is unusual about my images. I want to improve that.

3.) Not every shot I post has to be great for this project. I took some pretty crummy pictures this week. THAT'S OKAY. This is NOT MBS. This is just a project...a project about growing. For the perfectionist in me, this is an important realization.

So, my challenge for myself this week is to:
Work on composition and talk about that with each picture next week.
Try to take a few artistic shots. Make something ordinary become extraordinary. Push myself.
Give up the idea of perfection. Slow down.

M playing poker with her daddy on a SUNDAY afternoon. Sometimes we're heathens. I love my girl and I love that her tongue hangs out of her mouth when she concentrates. We share that trait.

I did take this picture...we finished reading it in class Thursday and had a wonderful Narnia party Friday afternoon, snacks, movie, discussion. It was THRILLING to share with my second graders. I have some GREAT pictures from it, but can't share, as I'm sure you understand.
Shopping. I actually love the Hobby Lobby more, but didn't go there this week, so Michael's had to suffice.

I love the idea that cupcakes represent. We celebrated my best friend's child's 4th birthday today. He wanted green cupcakes with yellow icing and RED cherries. I love celebration, I love him.

How did your 365 Project go?
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Christina said...

Those are good realizations - especially #3. That's something I'm seeing in myself, too. By striving for perfection every time, I actually hold myself back.

I LOVE the one of sweet M playing cards! And the cupcakes it a great shot, too. Yummy!

Maggie said...

I agree, those are important things to note. I actually have caused myself a great deal of stress thinking about whether or not the shots are 'good enough' to use. But some days I am stuck with what I have - good or not.

The other thing that I have realized is that the ONLY way that I am going to get better with photoshop is to sit there and use it. Even if the learning process makes me want to poke toothpicks in my eyeballs.

I have found that cropping does wonders for the shots that I don't frame well...

melody is slurping life said...

You are doing an awesome job with the 365 project. I have had my nose buried in photography books lately in hopes to move forward.

What is the source of 365? Did you begin 365? Can a person begin at any time? I need to get inspired and challenged.

And how are you?

melody is slurping life said...

Oh, meant to say...those cupcakes...your shot sure makes them look delish.

Arizaphale said...

Yeah, for me too it was the shot of M and the one with cupcakes! What a great cupcakes.....yellow icing :-)
I deal with lack of perfection everyday. I gave up seeking it years ago I think. Occasionally I get frustrated and wish I had the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfact photo but then I remind myself how lucky I am to have any of these things and go back to accepting who I am and where God's put me in life. Good luck with your quest for improvement in photography.