Friday, January 4, 2008

I've done it now...

I cut the tip of M's pacifier while she was eating dinner. When she put her paci in her mouth, she took it right out and said, "Mommy, PACI BROKE!"

She's crying in her bed right now.

I know...I'm a bad mommy. I should have taken the beloved pacifier away MONTHS ago, but I was too lazy. She loves it so much, you see. When she was little and I planned on taking it away, she got sick BOTH times the day I had resolved to do it. Signs, people...signs to let her keep it. Since then, I've just been lazy.

But I got "the look" from the doctor today. He suggested cutting the tip of the nipple so it wouldn't work anymore.

I need to go comfort my paci-loving daughter right now. I think she needs some mommy love.


Colleen said...

You're a better Mommy than me. Zoe still has her binky. Before last week she just used it for nap and bed (and if she had some kind of accident... because I knew it wasn't TOO bad if the binky stopped the screaming). But while she was sick last week that whole routine went right out the window. I'm trying very hard to get back to sleep time only. I really have to bite the bullet and just get rid of them.

Oh... and Zoe used them for those molar teething moments. She actually chews them up. She ends up putting cracks in them and then informs me that they are "too stringy, Mommy, need a new one".

dunlopdesigns said...

Don't beat yourself up about letting her have it so long. You're not a bad mommy! You were just being a loving mommy allowing her to have her paci for probably comfort reasons for her and yourself.

I recently just got rid of my 2 boys' bottles. The oldest is 2 and half. We replaced them with a special sippy cup for each. Could you try replacing it with a special stuff animal? That way she has a comfort thing.

Hope the two of you make it first night! Just stay strong. You can do it :)

ZachB said...

That is 2 cute!! You are a better person than me. You know the last time I did something like that to M she made me cry.

I hope you guys are great!
Love you and talk to you soon.

Christina said...

Awww, poor baby! I hope the transition isn't too hard. It's so hard to strike that balance in motherhood, but too strict but not too soft either. There were times I've wished Nadia liked a paci, but overall I'm glad we don't have to fight that battle. She ontl uses hers when teething real bad.

Arizaphale said...

In the UK and Aus they're known as 'dummies' :-)!! I swore I would never use one but the BA was a really sucky baby and she would have just breastfed for comfort and my nipples weren't up to that kind of abuse so...dummy on night 2. Fortunately by the time she was 3 months old she had grown out of it. My niece on the other hand had one until she was 3 when the 'Dummy Fairy' came one night and took it away, leaving a Barbie doll or some such thing, in its place! Therein followed 2 and a half nights of hell (I was was holidays) but after problem.