Friday, January 4, 2008

Phrase Friday is Back

Yeah!! Finally I'm organized enough to do a Phrase Friday!!!

M's newest phrase:
My do it!
examples: My close the door. My type. My pour.
I'm not sure if this comes from my prompting her to say "May I close the door?"
At any rate, it's the sweetest thing.

Not really a phrase, but a cute story. Yesterday we were on our way to the gym (yes, two days in a row). We were listening to the radio and there was a song about Jesus. The artist said Jesus and love in the same phrase (but NOT Jesus loves me). M said, "Mommy, Jesus yuv Mer-eet?" (Mommy, does Jesus love Meryt?)

Yes, sweet girl, He loves you so very, very much.

Post sweet phrases from your life. I'd love to know what cute things you've been hearing!

Check out my friend Rose at . Her little guy is always turning out some cute stuff!


Colleen said...

Zoe did the "my" thing for quite a while. Everything started with "my". My try? and My outside were two of our favorites.

Christina said...

Nadia's big into the "my" thing, too. Except she always talks in the third person - "Nana do it."

I have a couple others, but they should be going into "Nana's post" hopefully tomorrow. :o)

Kyla said...

KayTar says "All by a-self. DO IT ALL BY A-SELF!!"

Arizaphale said...

I am not in toddler league but I was reading the last Harry Potter book the other day and the Small Boy (9) came in and saw me weeping profusely. He smiled incredibly fondly at me and said "Aw A, you know it's only a book."

Golightly said...

(At least one of us is organized!) How cute, Harrison started recently using the word "my" in the correct sense...I was impressed! He usually says things like "Harridon do it."

As for Jesus in the car. One day on our way to an outing I prayed for our travel out loud. Then Harrison said, "Wait!" put his hands together and said, "I love you. Jesus. AMEN!"

My heart swelled.